Mar 30, 2017

Vowell’s Market Place Launches “Shop, Drop, & Roll Powered by Rosie”

Louisville, MS (March 30, 2017) – Vowell’s Market Place is adding online shopping at their stores in Forest, Byram, and Starkville, MS. The service, named “Shop, Drop, & Roll Powered by Rosie” will allow customers to shop online (excluding alcohol and tobacco products) in the stores and have those items available for quick pick-up within three hours. The service launches on Wednesday, April 5th.

“Shop, Drop, & Roll allows our customers to have more freedom to do the things they want, as opposed to spending all of their time handling the next “must-do” on their list. Many people in our communities seek the benefits of having our experienced personal shoppers take advantage of the budget-saving prices and greatly simplify the meal preparation process,” said Todd Vowell, President of the twenty-one store Louisville, MS based retailer.

The service makes grocery shopping simple with at-store pickup. Shoppers can take advantage of the service in four easy steps:

1. Visit click on “Shop, Drop, & Roll” to create a free account.
2. Select which groceries they’d like and leave special instructions for appropriate product substitutions (in the event of an out-of-stock) or produce quality (like green or extra ripe bananas).
3. Pay online and choose a pickup time between 11 am and 7 pm Monday to Saturday.
4. Stop at the store, park in one of the designated reserved parking spaces, call the posted phone number, and the personal shoppers will bring the order out to the car. The pick-up fee is just $4.95 per order with a $10.00 minimum order size.

Vowell added, “We chose to work with Rosie for eCommerce after looking at several vendors. As we evaluated each phase of the online process and thought about our guests, Rosie continued to rise to the top of the stack as the vendor that would allow our company to most effectively and most conveniently serve our customer. Rosie’s ability to provide mobile and desktop eCommerce software, backend retailer tools for handling data and orders, delivery logistics, SNAP/EBT payment options, and data analytics made them the only choice for our business.”

“Our company was founded in 1945 with the primary goal of serving our communities. In this time of compressed schedules and dual-income families, we feel many people are looking for ways to save time. Rosie will help us serve our communities.”

Rosie, an industry leading online grocery shopping platform for mobile and web, is the ideal partner for independent grocers to launch online shopping. Rosie’s easy start-up process, low start-up expenses, integrated marketing support, and comprehensive customer service, combined with the software’s interoperability and integration with grocers’ other technology, enable grocers to be first to market with online shopping.

“Vowell’s has crafted a unique online shopping experience for their guests that is personalized to the individual preferences of each shopper. Rosie approached the design, planning, and implementation of Vowell’s eCommerce program with the same enthusiasm and delight that characterize our products,” said Nick Nickitas, Rosie’s chief executive officer. “Vowell’s and Rosie are enabling fast, easy access to fresh, local foods which strengthens customer loyalty and improves food access/security. We have been extremely fortunate to be able to work closely with the Vowell’s team to help introduce online grocery shopping in the greater Jackson, Mississippi area.”



The industry leading online grocery shopping platform for mobile and web, Rosie launched in 2012 and today enables customers to shop online from their favorite local stores for same-day delivery or in-store pickup. Rosie partners with leading independent retailers and their wholesalers to provide eCommerce, delivery opportunities, omni-channel marketing and deep data services. Rosie serves as the preferred eCommerce partner by a variety of wholesale cooperatives, such as Associated Food Stores (AFS), Associated Grocers of New England, Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG), C&S Wholesale Grocers, CERTCO, and Olean Wholesale Grocers, and powers the online shopping platforms of major local retailers like Niemann Foods Inc., Broulim’s, Macey’s, Clark’s Market, and Buehler’s Fresh Foods. IBM selected Rosie as the Top Startup in North America in its 2014 IBM Smartcamp Competition. Visit for company information and to sign up for a free account. For Rosie news and downloadable media assets, visit here. To see firsthand what retailers and their customers think about Rosie,  check out this video. Like us on facebook. Follow us on twitter.




Vowell’s Marketplace is a Louisville, Mississippi based supermarket chain with 21 locations across Mississippi and Alabama. Since opening its first store in 1945, Vowell’s has remained committed to providing both great food and a great shopping experience. From poultry and meat to deli and dairy, Vowell’s provides quality products at a value price in every department. For more information, visit