Aug 12, 2021

9 reasons to choose Rosie for grocery ecommerce

We know running a grocery store is hard work, and ecommerce can be even tougher – but it doesn’t have to be, especially if you’re using the right ecommerce provider. But how do you know what the best ecommerce software for your grocery store is?

No worries! Rosie strives to provide a profitable and flexible solution when assisting you with your ecommerce needs. Independent grocers can easily get their hands on the essential software and pricing needed to increase basket size.

1) Offer a customer experience your competitors can’t

Our focus is keeping your customers happy with features like one-click checkout and product discovery – all which contribute to bigger basket size. In addition to providing shoppers with a modern and streamlined experience, we offer loyalty integration with partners like AppCard so you can provide customers with the best prices online (as well as in-store). Another example is our personalized recommended items on the homepage of your online store to remind customers about you can’t-miss items!

2) Harness the power of digital merchandising to drive revenue

Fun Fact: Rosie’s average basket size is over $116.00. Our retailers typically experience a 4.1x larger basket size online than in-store. Your success is our success – our goal is to provide the best ecommerce program for your grocery store. Rosie provides several different paths that are catered to your needs. Plus with the loyalty options available, customers have more chances to save. It’s a win-win!

4) Provide top-notch convenience to customers, at-home or on the go

According to our survey, 50% of shoppers use ecommerce providers to avoid trips to the store. Never fear, Rosie is here! Your customers can now shop on laptops, desktops, smartphones, and even tablets. Our software allows your customers to shop whenever it’s convenient for them. Your customers have the options to pick up their grocery order in the store or by using curbside pickup, local pickup, or home delivery. Additionally, Rosie Mobile has a three times conversion rate that is completely run by retailers.

5) Use our insights and data to build awesome customer relationships

With Rosie’s Data Analytics platform, you can access an in-depth understanding of who your customers are. From gender and age to what time of day your customers order most, our proprietary data allows you to grasp exactly who your audience is. Our retailers get a snapshot of their online program, from how many orders you receive to revenue breakdowns – all knowledge that improves how you run your program and identifies where you can make improvements.

6) Compete with big brands like Walmart and Kroger with an online program that is personalized to your store

Whether you’re a 30-store or a single-store operator, independents like you can and should compete with Walmart, Kroger and other national chains. These national retailers are offering convenient, time saving ecommerce and with Rosie, you can too. Our team has built easy-to-use tools that help you run an efficient and profitable online program, whether you’re a team of one or ten. We pride ourselves in being agile and constantly building a product that grows with our grocers – we know in order to stay competitive, change and improvement needs to be top of mind. Your store deserves a shopping experience that is built for your store, keeping your brand front and center for your shoppers as you build brand loyalty and scale repeat business.

7) Easily communicate and market to your customers

Marketing tools are essential to the success any retailer’s brand, and they can work wonders if used correctly. Now, independent grocers have access to some of the best marketing tools in the industry with Rosie. Some of the marketing features retailers can use are direct linking (deep linking), Recommended Products, Collections (digital endcaps), and Marketing Panels. These retailer-controlled tools are a great way for retailers to promote and market specific product categories or items around holidays, such as Halloween treats or Thanksgiving must-haves.

8) Bring your in-store specialties online, from quick-serve to catering

Do you have an apple pie that’s the talk of the town? Or a sandwich platter that just doesn’t quit? Bring these items online, and create customizable options with your store’s most unique products using Cater. Retailers can now close the gap between custom food orders and ecommerce, and reap the rewards with larger baskets. Also, retailers save time by bringing these items online, allowing for customer modifications and creating a beneficial way to accommodate large families and intimate parties.

9) Know our team is here to support, whenever you need us

Our people are what makes us different from any other provider. Our 24/7 support, from onboarding to account management, is with you every step of the way as you navigate ecommerce from start to finish. No question is too small, and no challenge is too big!

When you choose Rosie, you can rest assured that you’re choosing the best option to guide you through your ecommerce journey. Our mission is to serve the independent community and give grocers the tools they need to operate an online program that is a win-win for everyone: bigger baskets, happy customers, and an option that gives you an advantage to any competition.

Do you need more convincing on why Rosie is the best choice? Contact our team.