Aug 19, 2021

Getting started with Rosie: everything you need to know

For some independent retailers, getting started with an ecommerce solution can be a challenge. But selling groceries online is a powerful way to expand how you generate revenue, answer shopper expectations and demands, and ensure you can compete in the future.

To give you an idea of the opportunities and benefits of grocery ecommerce with Rosie, we’ve put together answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Our goal? Help you and your teams get started with our easy, reliable solution that takes your grocery business to the next level.

Why do I need to offer online grocery shopping?

Online shopping is the perfect opportunity to expand your sales revenue. Customers who shop online have larger basket sizes than in-store shoppers, and mobile ecommerce accounts for 45 percent of US ecommerce sales. Annual mobile ecommerce sales in the US are projected to grow from $284 billion to $488 billion in 2024 – bring your store into the palm of their hands!

Shoppers love the convenience and easy access to shopping for their groceries online. Our recent customer survey found that 80% of shoppers plan to continue placing grocery orders online at the same amount or more in the coming 12 months.

Additionally, when independent retailers don’t have online programs, they lose their customers to bigger box chains like Walmart or Kroger. Independent retailers can and should compete with these brands to stay relevant and ensure they keep current shoppers engaged with their brand.

What happens during the onboarding process?

Our onboarding team is here to help you set up, launch, and profitably grow your online program. There are three essential phases during Rosie’s onboarding process. The first phase involves integrating your current POS into a working site. The second phase gives you full access to how you customize your site. In the last phase, we provide you with exclusive training that allows you to become ecommerce experts. Our team is here to help you every step of the way!

Why should we partner with Rosie?

Rosie is constantly innovating, using cutting edge software that is designed for retailers to control the look and feel of their site. Rosie is flexible and agile, plus retailers have total access to their data and manage their fees, pickup time, order slots, and much more. Most importantly, retailers have control over their relationship with their customers and how they interact with them. Our software gives you different marketing tools to promote the products your customers love.

What are the benefits in the different tiers that Rosie offers?

Rosie has four different tiers designed to meet the unique needs of the retailers we partner with. There’s an option for everyone, and we work with you to find the plan that will deliver on your ecommerce goals. Whether you are a single store or have multiple rooftops, you have opportunities to grow your online program regardless of your size. As a retailer, you can expect support from the Rosie team seven days a week, software that helps you meet your goals and ROI, and an increase in your average basket size.

What are the fees associated with partnering with Rosie? (on the retailer side and on the consumer side)

Rosie is determined to provide you with affordable software that can help with all of your services. The fees our retailers pay to get their online programs up and running include a monthly Software as a Service (SaaS) fee and a one-time setup fee. Our pricing structure is designed to make sure retailers get what they need to be successful.

What are all the services that Rosie offers in terms of pickup and delivery?

When retailers partner with Rosie, they have three main choices to choose from when it comes to their online programs. The first option is pickup, in which customers will arrive at your store to receive their groceries, either in-store or curbside. About 70% of Rosie shoppers use curbside pickup to get their groceries.

The second option that customers can choose is delivery. Retailers can create their own transportation, use DoorDash, Postmates & UberEats, or use a third-party delivery service of their choice.

The last option for pickup is at their local store, or customers can collect their groceries from an offsite location, such as a local nursing home or YMCA.

What digital merchandising tools does Rosie offer?

At Rosie we strongly believe digital merchandising is a necessary step in creating a successful ecommerce business. Our tools help bring your shoppers an exceptional online experience that fits your store’s brand and cultivates your customer relationships. We have created industry-leading tools to help our retailers showcase the products they want to promote to their customers most and bring their in-store experience online.

Some of our retailer-controlled features include clickable weekly ads, announcement and marketing panels, digital end caps, and retailer recommended items. Our team is also here to offer best practices, templates, and downloadable content to help you build a strong marketing program.

Rosie strongly encourages our retailers to share their new program on social media platforms, your website, and through customer emails.

Interested in learning more about choosing Rosie? Contact our team.