Aug 5, 2021

Understanding your shopper: targeted audiences for additional revenue

As a retailer, you know exactly who your audience is. You’ve studied their likes, dislikes, and everything in between. You cater to their every need by providing them the best quality of food, give them the best customer service, and likely know some of your customers’ backstories and lives. You can successfully say that you have “customer loyalty.”

As much as you love your current customer base, you probably realize you need to expand your audience to grow your business. How might you do that, though?

Recently, the team at Rosie developed a shopper survey to determine and understand why customers shop online. Understanding the different demographics of 5,000+ respondents can help retailers develop a plan that can better reach their target demographic.

Gen Z

You can describe Gen Z (23 and under) as a tech savvy group, which means they are very familiar with technology and utilizing online shopping. 45% of Gen Z use grocery ecommerce to save time, while 39% use it to avoid a trip to the store. Essentially, Gen Z may not have time to shop for groceries due to their busy schedules, where time is divided among classes, volunteer work, and extracurriculars. Sometimes, they may not have enough time to shop for their groceries. If your store is near a university, fully take advantage of the opportunity to connect with these students on the go. A great idea to start with is creating promo codes specifically tailored to those university students. The goal is not only to make their shopping experience easier, but also encourage them to utilize your store as their main grocer.


Millennials (25-40) are present-day parents and young professionals, and more than half of these survey respondents use Rosie to avoid trips to the store. Millennials have extremely busy schedules filled with work, errands, and taking care of their children. Millennials who work full-time don’t always prioritize grocery shopping on their to-do list, and it’s imperative they have the online option to make their grocery experience much easier to feed themselves and their families. One way to connect with this group is by having more open slots after 5 pm so they can order groceries after work or when their children are released from school. You can even create a promo code catered to their needs. For instance, BACK2SCHOOL can be used for parents that are preparing to buy items for school lunches.

Gen X/Baby Boomers

Fun fact: Baby boomers are now the fastest-growing category of ecommerce shoppers! Yes, Gen X (ages 41 -56) and baby boomers (56+) can be described as “traditional consumers,” but the more that ecommerce adapts and caters to them, the more they will utilize online services. A great way to connect with baby boomers is partnering with nearby retirement homes. You can provide free delivery to ensure that residents get exactly what they need. Make sure that your shopper website has easy usability and advertise Rosie’s Level AA WCAG compliance on social media and your website.

Expanding your target audience is one huge step to expanding your business. When you know how to cater to a specific audience or demographic, you can guarantee more users and shoppers. Utilize these tips and get the audience that you want to become part of your regular customer base!

Have questions on how to expand your audience? Contact our team.