Apr 6, 2021

Connect the dots for your online shoppers


In late March, many predicted 2021 Easter spending could reach an all-time high with Easter gifts, food and candy as the biggest drivers of growth. With an average spend of $179.70 per consumer (National Retail Federation), retailers readied their spring themed displays, fresh bouquets, and all the popular Easter fixings to prepare for the incoming wave of purchases. With more time at home, families are prioritizing holidays now more than ever to bring joy in light of the non-traditional celebrations in 2020.

For retailers who adopted ecommerce this past year, Easter was an opportunity to put their programs to the test. Offering an online program is step one, but it doesn’t stop there: retailers must be proactive, and use marketing tools to promote products based on customers needs – in this case, Easter gifts, food products, and candy. Can independent retailers make the online shopping experience even more delightful, more informed and tailored to shopper’s needs? Of course.

Last week, we hosted one of our monthly Fireside Chats with Rosie retailers, discussing how several retailer-controlled features – when used together – can drive new and current customers to your online shopping site. Think about the different ways today’s consumers receive and digest news: email newsletters, Facebook, TikTok, word of mouth, and more. Gone are the days of traditional TV and radio advertising. Businesses need to utilize a variety of channels to connect with customers and remind them of their presence and unique offering.

To help retailers market their brands’ ecommerce store and create a special, local shopping experience, we’ve released several features over the past year that give independent retailers more control over their online program and help them stick out from the competition. Take Macey’s, a Utah-based Rosie Retailer, who saw a 200% increase in online conversion for the products included in their handpicked Easter collection that they shared with customers via email and on social. Learn from their playbook and connect the dots on all of Shop’s latest features to see the return you can get.

  • Offer more convenience and easier product discovery through marketing panels. In the release of our new, modernized online store, we created retailer marketing panels to drive customers to any department you choose, similar to any online shopping experience with your favorite brands that highlight seasonal or holiday products or eye-catching specials.
  • Create departments and digital end caps specific to your store. Forget temperature class and products located in different departments, and bring them all together in themed categories around recipes, seasonal or themed products, and even vendor-sponsored or local items. Retailers can customize and update daily, weekly, or monthly to give their customers a fun and fresh experience each time they shop.
  • Bring products, weekly specials, Collections, directly to your customers’ (digital) doorstep. Market your online products via email, web, and social media with deep linking – a URL that links your preferred online shopping page and customers to start shopping exactly where you want them.

We’re excited to connect the dots, as combined use of these features drives bigger baskets and happier customers. Whether it’s preparing for Easter brunch or rounding up BBQ favorites for Memorial Day weekend, retailers play a key role in shaping how and what customers add to their shopping cart.

Interested in learning more about how to drive customers to your online store? Contact us at feedback@rosieapp.com.