Apr 19, 2021

News Release: Rosie Leads Grocery Ecommerce Solutions with Deep Linking, One-Click Checkout

Ithaca, NY (April 16, 2021) – Rosie, the leading ecommerce solution for independent retailers and wholesalers, has launched enhanced functionality including one-click checkout, deep linking, and retailer-controlled marketing tools for a dynamic and seamless customer experience. The new digital merchandising capabilities give retailers the power to customize the look and feel of their individual online programs and own the direct retailer and customer relationship.

“It’s a top priority to offer the best online shopping experience for our customers, so we expanded our relationship with Rosie, who we determined is the solid ecommerce leader in the industry,” said Tom Clark, President and CEO of Clark’s Markets. “Rosie has provided our team with digital merchandising tools that make it easy for customers to discover our new and seasonal products and keep shoppers highly engaged and return to shop with us each week.”

Deep linking capabilities transform retailers’ abilities to share specific departments or products on their respective websites, social media pages, or via email – bringing products directly to consumer channels. Collections, the equivalent of customizable digital end caps, lets retailers combine products from different departments and temperature classes to highlight seasonal items, meal planning, recipes, vendor sponsored promotions and local or specialty products.

In addition to deep linking and Collections, Rosie leads the industry with its one click checkout experience, allowing returning customers to easily place orders by saving information such as payment details, address, and preferred order fulfillment. This process reduces abandoned carts and increases conversion and revenue by saving customers time and convenience.

CEO quote that mentions how much money retailers can lose due to cart abandonment

“Retailers and brands lose out on $18 billion in ecommerce sales annually due to cart abandonment,” said Nick Nickitas, Founder & CEO of Rosie. “Our optimized one-click checkout can increase conversions by almost 40%, making it faster for shoppers to complete their purchase and increasing revenue for independent grocers that leverage Rosie’s best-in-class omnichannel shopping experience.”

Earlier this year, Rosie completed a $10 million round of Series A funding, enabling the team to introduce new tools to enhance the shopper and retailer experience, launch new products to provide a seamless omnichannel journey for shoppers at home, in-store, or on-the-go, further invest in monetization opportunities to increase retailer profitability, and recruit the best and brightest talent to accelerate product development.

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