Oct 11, 2021

Give customers 5 reasons to shop online

As a busy independent grocer offering ecommerce, you want customers to place their orders online, whether they’ve never tried it before or it’s just been awhile since their last order. But when it comes to reminding your shoppers about your online program on social media and via email, it can feel like there are only so many ways to say “Shop with us online!”

Does this sound familiar? It can be hard to think of creative new ways to communicate online shopping to your customers without feeling like you’re repeating the same thing over and over. The key is to not just tell customers what to do, it’s also to explain why they should do it.

We’ve put together some different ways to tell your customers why they should place an online order. Take these ideas, incorporate them into your ecommerce communications strategy, and soon your customers will be more engaged than ever! Plus, reach out to our team anytime to learn how to implement these tactics.

1. School lunches – Parents always need to keep family food top of mind, and since shopping for school lunches is something that’s already on their radar, catch their attention by specifically calling it out on social media and email. They’ll feel like you’re talking directly to them if you use kids’ lunches as a reason to shop online.

Example: “Busy parents need easy solutions. Order your kids’ lunchtime favorites online and save yourself an extra stop during carpool. Try online shopping with [your store] today!”

2. Recipes – Your customers are always on the lookout for something new to make. Share a recipe that will be a great weeknight meal to remind customers that buying ingredients online will make this dinner even more convenient.

Example: “This meatloaf recipe might be better than Grandma’s – try it out and let us know! For even more convenience, you can find all these ingredients online. Everything you need for dinner is right here!” [link to Collection with recipe ingredients]

3. Upcoming holidays – Tell shoppers to make a plan ahead of popular grocery shopping holidays and weekends. Reminding customers how busy it can get in-store around these special times definitely gives them a reason to place orders from home.

Example: “We’re stocking our store for the big holiday rush this weekend, and everything we’ve got here is also available online. If you’re looking to avoid the crowd, let us do the shopping for you! Place your order online this weekend to spend more time with those you love.”

4. Weekend sports – There’s no doubt a large portion of your shoppers are sports fans looking forward to cheering on their favorite team on the weekend. Remind them to stock up on game day essentials while also suggesting they place their order online.

Example: “Cheer on the [local sports team] alongside a platter of our hot and fresh chicken wings. No matter how the game goes, make it a win with our easy online ordering.”

5. Save time – According to Rosie’s recent survey, 50% of shoppers order groceries online to save themselves a trip to the store. Use the idea of saving time to plug your ecommerce program and make your customers feel like you understand their busy schedules.

Example: “When you’ve got a lot on your plate, it can be a hassle to take the time to buy the food that goes on your dinner plate. Save yourself the trouble and the time by placing your order online. Click and collect means more time to relax and unwind – let us do the shopping!”

Your communications don’t just have to be “Try online shopping!” to pique your customers’ interest and inspire them to shop online. Sometimes reminding them why they shop with you in the first place is a great way to remind them there is more than one way for them to get the food they need, no matter the reason.

Need more tips on communicating your ecommerce offering to your customers? We’re here to help, drop us a line.