Aug 4, 2021

Market your online shop in 15 minutes or less

At Rosie we know independent retailers are constantly on the move – stocking shelves, processing checkouts, scheduling staff members, keeping track of out of stocks, and so much more. When you’ve got a to-do list longer than a Thanksgiving grocery shopping receipt, it can be hard to find the time to promote your online store and products, especially if your team doesn’t have a dedicated marketing department.

But marketing your program is critical to getting online orders – no one is going to shop with you online if they don’t know you offer it! We put our heads together to come up with simple things every single Rosie retailer can do right now to promote your online shop and grow ecommerce sales. The best part? Each of these tips take 15 minutes or less!

Announcement Panels

If you have an important message you want all of your online shoppers to see as soon as they arrive on your shop, then announcement panels are the way to go. Let customers know when you have a big sale, out of stocks, or holiday hours by creating an announcement panel, or even a rotating carousel displaying up to three messages!

Image of announcement panel explaining Rosie's one click checkout on Davis Food & Drug's ecommerce site

Direct Linking (aka Deep Linking)

These days, tons of shoppers are finding products they want to buy just by scrolling through their social media feeds. Rosie’s simple but powerful direct linking (previously referred to as deep linking) allows you to directly link to products on social media, email marketing, and your website. Simply post an image of the product you want to direct customers to, write a witty caption, and include the link in your post!

Social media

Speaking of social media, make sure you’re posting regularly about your online program, even when you aren’t direct linking to products. Get creative by posting photos of your curbside pickup, your delivery van, and even spotlight your best pickers to promote all the ways your store fulfills online orders.

Image of Macey's Facebook post with three infographics depicting the three steps of online ordering: 1. Pick up 2. Grill up 3. Eat up

Clickable Weekly Ad

Do you utilize a Weekly Ad? Rosie can help you make it shoppable on your online store in 15 minutes. The Clickable Weekly Ad is interactive and allows your customers an easy way to shop sales directly. Plus, customers spend over two minutes shopping the ad, which is four times longer than another other section of Rosie. The Weekly Ad Manager is located in Rosie’s Control Panel and available to all Rosie retailers.

If you have a lot of success with curated displays and hand-picked items in your store, use the Recommended Products feature to bring that same experience online. These are the first products your online customers see when they arrive on your online shop. Fully retailer controlled, update the items that populate here as often as you please on the Control Panel. Our most successful retailers are updating the Recommended Products section at minimum 1-2 times each month.

Recommended Items feature on Rosie, showing cookies, a baguette, chicken breasts, coffee filters, and Emergen-C tablets

In-store signage

If you’ve got loyal shoppers who haven’t given online ordering a try, make sure to put signs all over your store so they know you offer it. Create bag stuffers to put in their grocery bags, put signs on your shopping carts, in your checkout lanes, and in the aisles! Here at Rosie, we say sometimes customers need to hear something seven times for it to sink in.

These tips are just the beginning! Our team can help you use Rosie tools to grow online sales or work with you to develop a marketing strategy. If you have more than 15 minutes, you can find all of our best practices in our recent July Fireside Chat webinar.

Reach out to our team today for a copy of the recording or to speak to an account manager about other easy, creative ways to market your online shop.