Sep 22, 2021

Meet Jill Huff

Shopper marketing at Rosie is a win-win-win. It provides benefits to retailers, customers, and the CPG companies that partner with Rosie. How do these opportunities come about? Our shopper marketing expert, CPG Brand Manager Jill Huff, works to create partnerships with CPG companies to bring products front and center to shoppers. Find out why she loves working with Rosie, how shopper marketing benefits retailers, and how those special marketing panels help grow basket size.

You came from the CPG world but now you’re on the other side working with CPG companies. What led you to Rosie?

Before Rosie, I worked with one large national food brand for over a decade. I helped them launch a multi-million dollar brand with a limited marketing budget, and repeatedly saw the impact and consistent results of omnichannel digital campaigns. During the pandemic, I realized I wanted to shift my focus to the fast growing online segment and expand my work to help more than just one brand, particularly within an entrepreneurial environment.

So far, I’ve had the chance to work with over 25 brands in the last six months. We partner with ecommerce and brand managers to expand awareness and drive product sales on Rosie retailer sites. It feels great to speak their language and identify their needs and wants.

How exactly does shopper marketing work?

Shopper marketing is basically point of sale advertising. It replicates in-store advertisements, such as banners, signs, and end caps. Shoppers come to Rosie’s site with the intention of completing their grocery list. Shopper marketing happens right before customers begin to build their baskets.

What makes shopper marketing with Rosie unique is that we’re helping CPG companies reach independent grocery consumers. Instead of CPG companies going to each independent retailer, they can sell their products across several hundred independents’ ecommerce sites with Rosie. Tens of thousands of shoppers shop on Rosie each month, opening up a brand new market of loyal customers for these companies.

What are the benefits to our retailers who take advantage of shopper marketing campaigns?

To start, shopper marketing campaigns lead to bigger baskets and greater revenue for retailers. Customers are surprised and delighted by new products they may not have considered before, which gives them a more engaging shopping experience and inspires them to try these new products. In some instances, shoppers gain incentives to try new items and retailers receive a portion of CPG marketing campaign dollars.

Congratulations on your new baby girl! With lots of excitement at home, what have you been putting in your Rosie shopping cart?

Anything that makes meal prep easier. I also have a toddler, so I try to buy tons of fruits and vegetables to give him a balanced diet. But what he really likes is Smucker’s Uncrustables (peanut butter & jelly sandwiches). They are really good slightly thawed out of the freezer or popped in the toaster. And jelly counts as a fruit… right?