Sep 16, 2021

Pickup vs Delivery: Finding the right option for you and your customers

Your shoppers love placing orders online with their local grocer because it saves them a trip to the store and time spent shopping in person. But when it comes to your customers receiving their online orders, you have a couple options to offer them. Every decision a retailer like you makes is for the convenience and accessibility of your customers, which is why we want to make your choices a little easier.

We’ll explain the three options you can choose from with Rosie so you can best serve your customers and get them the food they need in the most convenient way. Let’s break it down.

Curbside Pickup

With pickup, customers will arrive at your store to receive their groceries, either in-store or curbside. About 77% of Rosie shoppers use curbside as their main option to receive their groceries. Curbside pickup is the perfect choice for customers who want to minimize person-to-person interaction. It’s an even better option for people who are on the go and have little time to grocery shop in-store. From busy parents to people grabbing their groceries on their way home from the office, curbside is perfect for customers who want a grab and go solution.

When utilizing curbside pickup, ensure your store has a designated pickup area, like parking spots, right up front with signage indicating they’re for pickup. Signs will also show other customers that you offer this service, and may inspire them to shop online next time.


40% of consumers say delivery is now a “must-have” grocery shopping option for every store. For Rosie, about 23% of shoppers use delivery as their main option for receiving their groceries.Delivery is perfect for customers who want to save a trip to the grocery store all together. It’s also beneficial for those shoppers who can’t leave their homes due to illnesses or safety precautions. In our latest customer survey, 50% of respondents shop online for the convenience and to avoid a trip to the grocery store.

Retailers have the option to create their own delivery transportation, use DoorDash, Postmates & UberEats, or use a third-party delivery service of their choice. Offering delivery will guarantee an increase in your customers’ satisfaction.

Local Pickup

Local pickup allows customers to collect their groceries from an offsite location, such as a local nursing home or YMCA. This option is great for customers who want the convenience of delivery at a reduced cost by meeting their groceries at a central location. Furthermore, this is a good opportunity to engage your customers who may live too far from the grocery store or are outside your delivery range.

With Rosie, retailers have two options for local pickup: hubs and depots. Hubs are smaller versions of the retailer’s shop, loaded with popular items. Depots are a great way to transfer multiple groceries to local businesses, universities and apartment buildings.

Rosie offers a flexible solution in choosing the right options for your store and your customers. Ultimately, each of these programs will be beneficial to your shoppers and increase your customer loyalty with your online platform.

Interested in learning more about pickup or delivery? Contact our team.